Web without borders

Enjoy true privacy with a residential VPN



tuxlerVPN hides your IP address and encrypts your data so that you cannot be detected.


With tuxler VPN you can always get a secure connection via more than 70.000 new IPs per month with unlimited bandwidth.


Join our VPN network and make sure your bandwidth is not limited, no matter which pricing plan you choose.


tuxlerVPN is the security leader. Using random and constantly modified proxies makes our network impenetrable. With military-grade encryption, we provide complete anonymity and protection.


We constantly refresh the location to protect the complete privacy of the VPN. We hide the IP of your computer very effectively, so you can enjoy the network with confidence.


With our residential proxies, there are no limits to your online activity. We have provided you with unlimited bandwidth and a completely secure connection used by over 300 000 users.


Wherever you travel and whenever you need to access foreign markets, our global VPN network gives you the freedom to use the Internet. Millions of locations at your fingertips.

Use a VPN to browse anonymously

Everyone has a right to privacy

We provide you with 70,000 random locations from 182 providers in 92 countries around the world that are constantly updated. It makes tuxlerVPN virtually unstoppable and untraceable.


End-to-end encryption prevents surveillance and tampering by third parties. All data is sent over a completely secure channel. With our military-grade encrypted VPN, your browsing activities remain private.

Why is residential tuxlerVPN the best choice?

Become invisible on the web

Prevent anyone from tracking you or stealing your personal data. Now you’re the one in control of your privacy! tuxlerVPN’s military-grade encryption, user-friendly interface and millions of residential IPs will make your online activity truly anonymous.

Always free

Secure connections with unlimited bandwidth for free! Download large files and stream all the content you want without worrying about connection interruptions. The tuxlerVPN application for Windows is free for everyone, so you can enjoy the benefits of a premium solution for free.

No restrictions

With tuxlerVPN residential proxies, there are no limits to your online activity. Japan? Germany? South Africa? You have millions of locations to choose from, with 70,000 new residential IPs appearing every month. Geo-blocking is no longer an issue when tuxlerVPN has your back.

Easy to use

Using VPN shouldn’t be too hard, right? The tuxlerVPN app for Windows has an intuitive user-friendly interface, so you don’t have to worry about which button to click and how to find the right settings! Connect seamlessly and choose your location with just one click of a button!

tuxlerVPN FAQ

Simply click on the “Buy Premium” button on the https://www.tuxlervpn.com/buy-tuxler/ page and you will see the available payment methods. If none of them are suitable for you, please contact our support staff for more information.

After payment is complete, an automated email containing your username and password will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check the spam folder in case the email was sent there instead of to your inbox. If you still cannot find this email, please contact our support staff with your transaction ID and payment method and we will be happy to assist you.

A premium account allows you to have an active tuxlerVPN session. This means, for example, that you can run the tuxlerVPN application on one computer, or have an active tuxlerVPN extension on one Chrome user at a time.



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